Completion of the Rebel Scholars Program program recognizes participating students for these extra-curricular activities by awarding specialized cords for graduation. Additionally, students will be able to add the experience to their résumés, discuss their out-of-classroom experiences during potential job interviews, and feel a greater sense of belonging in the UNLV community.

The Adult Learner Advisory Board, in collaboration with career counseling experts, will offer presentations each semester, highlighting ways that participants can use the skills and experience gained through the Rebel Scholars Program to qualitatively enhance their résumés, interview skills, and academic interactions.


Students must complete at least 8 benchmark tasks between the time of confirmed enrollment in the Rebel Scholars Program and the date of graduation. Participants must show proof in order to validate completion of a task. Participation in this program is free. A Certificate of Completion and a cord for graduation will be awarded upon completion.

Rebel Scholars Program applicants are required to:

  • Be admissible to UNLV and have a current 2.75 cumulative GPA at UNLV.
  • Be an undergraduate adult learner.
  • Apply to the Rebel Scholars Program.
  • Complete 8 of the 12 benchmarks from the Benchmark Reference Guide. (Benchmark tasks are subject to revision)
  • Documentation of task completion must be provided within 2 months (60 days) of the event.
  • Requirements may be prorated for students graduating in the near future.
  • All documentation must include your name and NSHE ID.
  • All documentation must be submitted to six weeks prior to graduation. Please do not send all material at once.