A Place Like No Other

Rebels are steeped in the anything-goes, make-it-work culture of Las Vegas — a culture that inspires people to take chances, seize opportunities, and find unconventional solutions to any challenge they care to tackle.

You’re a Rebel, and Rebels Make it Happen.

From the President

"As we celebrate Pride Month, we recognize the contributions of the LGBTQIA+ community at UNLV, in Nevada, and across the nation and world. During this month, and always, I encourage you to find ways to support continued efforts for equality and visibility. "

View of Campus with Las Vegas Strip in the background

The Vegas Value

An education shouldn’t be a ball-and-chain weighing down your financial health when you’re just starting a career. At UNLV, it won’t be. UNLV students graduate with less debt than students from 47 other states, and 76 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid and scholarships. Factor in that our graduates land jobs locally, nationally, and internationally, along with the lifetime earning power a degree will bring, and you can see the value of UNLV.

“I chose UNLV for its cost-effectiveness. Due to the university's generosity, I will be able to graduate with a four-year degree completely debt free.”
Nelsha Athauda - Major: Public Health with Biology Minor; Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Three students work with a drone

Innovative Academics

With 76 majors and 70 minors, UNLV does more than offer options — we provide opportunities. Plus, if your professional ambitions require you to obtain multiple degrees, UNLV also has more than 175 graduate degree and certificate programs and our own law, medicine, and dental medicine schools. We are proud that our academics draw upon the influences of our community, and offer an education like nowhere else.

"All universities offer you degrees, but UNLV offers you opportunities. The opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary projects, meet a diverse group of people, and push outside your comfort zone."
Valentina Alayon - Major: Mechanical Engineering ‘17; Hometown: Las Vegas, NV; Employer: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
View of Las Vegas Strip at night

A Worldwide Destination

Dripping in the golden desert sun and spread across 350 acres in the heart of Las Vegas, UNLV provides nowhere-else opportunities in this 24-hour metropolis. And while Las Vegas might be the center of it all, it doesn’t take long to slip the bonds of this little oasis and get out into the desert, as we are just minutes from natural getaways and less than a day’s drive from the entire American Southwest.

"As someone whose majors both revolve around entertainment, Vegas is the epitome of a show-stopping city. I knew the option to be down the street from the Strip was unmatched, and the opportunities that would be available to me had no competition."
Darian Fluker - Double Major: Theatre and Hospitality with a Concentration in Meetings and Events; Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Marching band performs

A Rebellious Attitude

Here’s the first thing to know about Rebels: You can’t define us. There is no “average” Rebel. One third of our students are the first in their families to go to college. Tagalog is one of the most-spoken second languages among our students. Military Times lists us as one of its Best for Vets. All that ripples throughout our campus. It creates a climate where you can both find your people and expand your worldview.

"UNLV was and is the perfect balance of familiar and out of my comfort zone…UNLV has afforded me more opportunities than I ever thought possible. I have met more people, gotten more involved, and thrived more than I ever could have predicted."
Olivia Cheche - Major: Political Science with Brookings Public Policy Minor; Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Group of students standing in front of large U.N.L.V. letters

Ready to be a Rebel?

What’s your it? That thing you’re driven to become? That challenge you want to meet head on? It’s your time to step up. To break out. To put yourself here.

You’re a Rebel, and Rebels Make it Happen.