The PATC provides psychological assessment services to our community. Psychological assessment is often a comprehensive process that involves standardized procedures aimed at measuring and evaluating various psychological factors. The results of psychological assessments are used to better understand an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, diagnose mental health conditions, inform treatment planning, and inform decision making in various settings, such as education, employment, and healthcare.

PATC clients will be assessed by an advanced graduate student from either the UNLV clinical psychology program or the school psychology program. They will be supervised by licensed faculty experts in their respective fields. PATC student clinicians are committed to providing state of the art, evidence-based psychological assessment services. 

Each assessment is unique and based on the referral question(s); however, a typical assessment evaluates: 

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Higher-level cognitive abilities
  • Executive functioning
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Language abilities
  • Spatial reasoning skills
  • Memory functioning
  • Attention and concentration abilities
  • Motor and sensory processing
  • Mood and personality functioning

Types of Assessments

The PATC offers four types of psychological testing for children (ages 4 and older) and adults.

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Psychodiagnostic testing is used to help diagnose and clarify concerns regarding behavior, personality traits, mood, emotional functioning, and cognitive processes.

Psycho-educational Assessment

Psycho-educational assessments help to diagnose and document information-processing dysfunctions found with learning disabilities and ADHD that significantly negatively impact academic achievement.

Personality Assessment

Personality assessment can help to understand an individual's frame of mind and behavioral tendencies. Personality assessment can also help to discern factors that influence the way in which individuals conduct themselves, their response styles, and their behavioral patterns.

Intelligence Testing

Intelligence testing is used to evaluate an individual's overall cognitive abilities in areas such as verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, problem solving, working memory, and processing speed.

There are a few types of assessments that we are not equipped to conduct at PATC. These include:

  • Legal or forensic evaluations
  • Autism assessments
  • Custody evaluations
  • Evaluations for active psychosis (e.g., hallucinations, delusions)
  • Eating disorder evaluations
  • Surgical approval evaluations

Service Fees

The cost of psychological assessment services are dependent on the assessment completed, but fees generally range from $300 to $1,000.

Health Insurance

We are in the process of becoming a Nevada Medicaid servicing center. Some psychological testing referral questions are considered by insurance companies as being “medically necessary” and as a result, are covered through Medicaid health insurance. However, there are other testing referral questions that are not. We can help you determine whether your assessment could be covered by insurance. We are not currently a provider for any commercial insurance plans. 

Sliding Scale and Discounts

We do offer a sliding scale for assessment services. We also offer discounted rates for students and employees of Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) institutions.

Thinkability Grant

Through the generous support of Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (CSUN), Thinkability Grants are available to UNLV undergraduate students who can demonstrate financial need for psychological assessment services. Typically, these funds cover the cost of services at the PATC clinic.

Additional Information

Please speak with the PATC Graduate Assistant for more information about the fees for services or any of these programs designed to increase equity in access to psychological testing services.

Evaluation Process

  1. To begin the psychological assessment process, schedule a 15-20 minute telephone consultation appointment with PATC staff. Please call UNLV PRACTICE’s main office at 702-895-1532 (ext. 1) to schedule your appointment.
  2. During the consultation appointment, PATC staff will gather information about the reason you are seeking an assessment, as well as basic demographic and contact information. If it is determined that we can meet your testing needs, we will email you forms and questionnaires to complete. These materials will assist us with learning more about you. Return the completed packet to the clinic by email or by dropping off hard copies at the UNLV PRACTICE front desk located at CEB 226.
  3. Once we have received your packet, you will either be assigned a student clinician to begin the assessment process or you will be added to our waitlist. 
  4. You will be contacted to schedule testing after you have been assigned a student clinician.
  5. The assessment process can range from three to five visits, depending on factors such as the complexity of the referral question, the amount of testing required, and your scheduling availability. Each visit ranges from two to four hours. Occasionally, testing can be completed in a six to eight hour day. 
  6. After testing is completed, a feedback session is provided to discuss the findings of your assessment and to outline treatment recommendations. We will provide a written report that summarizes the entire assessment, including tests administered, test findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Community Referrals

If we are unable to meet you psychological testing needs, here is a list of other community practices that provide psychological assessment services.

Psychological Assessment

Name Phone Number Website Legal/Forensic Evaluations Autism Evals (Adults)
John Paglini, Ph.D. 702-869-9188 Yes No
Stephanie Holland, Psy.D.# 702-650-6508 Yes No

Neuropsychological Assessment for Children & Adolescents

Name Phone Number Website Legal/Forensic Evaluations Autism Evals (Adults)
The Grant A Gift Autism Foundation Ackerman Center 702-564-2453 No No
The Center for Child and Family Development HPN Nicole Cavenagh, Ph.D. 702-912-5848 No No
Boys Town 702-642-7070
702-888-1340 No No
The Evidence Based Practice of Nevada (Fee for Service) Adrianna Wechsler Zimring, Ph.D. 702-508-9181 No No
Rachel Davis, Ph.D., PC 702-776-8990 No No
Karen E. Sims, Ph.D. (Medicaid) 702-257-0140 ext: 210 NA No No

Neuropsychological Assessment for Adults

Name Phone Number Website Legal/Forensic Evaluations Autism Evals (Adults)
The Center for Applied Neuroscience Thomas Kinsora, Ph.D.* 702-382-3670 Yes No
Innovation Behavioral Health Solutions Sandra Gray, Ph.D** 702-900-2784 Yes Yes
Marilyn Strada, Ph.D. 702-635-6555 No No
Michelle McGuire, Psy.D.** 702-901-5200 Yes Yes
Sharon Jones-Forrester, Ph.D. 702-605-8980 NA No No
Sandstone Psychological Practice 702-405-0904 No No


Mailing Address

4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154


702-895-1532 (UNLV PRACTICE) or 702-895-0296 (PATC)



Campus Location

CEB 226