Autoclave & Glass Wash

There are three autoclaves in the SEB, one on each of the upper floors that are available to any researcher that has the proper training. The autoclaves can be used to sterilize glassware, liquids, and bio-hazardous waste.

Glass washers are also available to any properly trained occupant in SEB. There are two glass washers, one located off the service hallway on both the second and fourth floor next to the autoclaves. Washing cycles are programmed for both glass and plastic items, light to heavily soiled materials and for acid washing.


Proper training is required for both the autoclave and glass washers and is provided by the assistant director of SEB who can be contacted below.


More Information


Eric Knight
Assistant Director, Research Infrastructure
Room: SEB 2103
Phone: 702-895-2020
Mail Stop: 4022