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Travis Olson, Ph.D.


Teaching and Learning
CEB 354
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Travis A. Olson is a Professor in the Department of Teaching & Learning. His area of focus is within the department is mathematics education. Dr. Olson conducts research. Much of his research has been funded through collaboration on grants with local school districts, partners throughout the state of Nevada, and colleagues across the Nation. His most recent grant was funded for foundational research through the National Science Foundation. Dr. Olson also teaches courses focused on learning and teaching mathematics. Additionally, he advises doctoral students in the department focused on conducting their own research within the field of mathematics education. Lastly, Dr. Olson has served on and chaired committees within the department, the College of Education, and across UNLV. Dr. Olson has served on and chaired committees across National organizations that focus on research on learning and teaching mathematics. Notably, Dr. Olson has significantly contributed to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, and the Research Council on Mathematics Learning. Currently, Dr. Olson serves on the Executive Board of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning as president.

Research Expertise

Curriculum analysis studies, particularly with respect to the development of mathematical concepts (at various levels, K-16) and implications on students' opportunities to learn and teachers' opportunities to teach particular mathematics concepts; underst