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Sophie Ladd, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Residence

Teaching and Learning
CEB 354
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Sophie M. Ladd is an assistant professor in residence specializing in pedagogy and school library administration. As a graduate of UNLV, Sophie has had numerous research and academic opportunities that have impacted her research interests and instruction. Stemming from her work with Dr. Cyndi Giorgis and Frank Serafini, Ladd's research interests include teacher negotiation of literature discussion, early literacy education for at risk populations, multi-literacies, and classroom pedagogy. Her work with teachers and principals throughout CCSD continue to guide her instruction practices and pedagogy. Ladd has published articles in the Journal of Children's Literature and the Journal of Language and Literacy Education. She also served as an editorial assistant for the Journal of Children's Literature from 2008-2010 and plays an integral part in facilitating the Gayle A. Zeiter Literacy Lecture Series.

Research Expertise

Her current teaching and research interests include critical analysis and teaching practices related to implementation of diverse children's literature in elementary literacy education. As part of this research, she is also interested in the critical literacy and pedagogical practices related to response and discussion.