Headshot of Sarah Vlasic

Sarah Vlasic

Senior Director of Business Operations, Zappos
Department(s): MBA Programs


Sarah Vlasic is the Senior Director of Business Operations at Zappos.com and brings with her over 10 years of analytical retail experience.  She presently oversees a team of over a hundred people, including product managers, business analysts, inventory managers, pricing analysts, and various teams who support the product setup operations. Her team works together to develop and maintain an integrated data platform that is leveraged by all of the departments at Zappos. She provides the strategy, vision, and direction for the systems platform and retail operations, while always looking to improve business processes throughout the company whenever possible.
Sarah’s team focuses on encouraging employees to make data-driven decisions.  In order to support Zappos in a big data world, Sarah created an internship program where she and her team mentor and train employees to gain analytical skillsets. These individuals are then placed in roles throughout Zappos in order to teach their peers how to best leverage and utilize the data available to them.
Sarah completed a B.S. from John Carroll University with a concentration in Marketing and Business Logistics and an M.B.A. from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a concentration in New Venture Management.