Dr. Roberta Sabbath

Dr. Roberta Sabbath

Roberta Sabbath, Ph.D.

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Roberta Sabbath earned her doctoral degree in comparative literature from University of California, Riverside. Sabbath publishes and speaks in the religious and cultural studies fields. She serves as the Nevada Regional Representative and Jewish Studies Unit Co-Chair for the American Academy of Religion Western Region (AAR-WR) and on the Steering Committees for Qur’an and Islamic Tradition in Comparative Perspectives Unit, Society of Biblical Literature Steering Committee, and the Comparative Studies in Religions Unit, AAR. She brings the Western Jewish Studies Conference again to UNLV in spring 2023 and the American Academy of Religion-Western Region Conference planned for UNLV in spring 2024. Editor of Sacred Tropes: Tanakh, New Testament, and Qur’an as Literature and Culture (Brill Press 2009), Troubling Topics, Sacred Texts: Readings in Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Qur’an (De Gruyter Press 2022), Vegas Strong: Bearing Witness 1 October 2017 (University of Nevada Press 2023), Sabbath's monograph is Sacred Body: Readings in Jewish Literary Illumination (Lexington Press, Jewish Studies Series 2023). She also teaches Religion and Literature, Bible as Literature (Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Qur’an), mythology, and world literature, Sabbath created the Hate Uncycled: 4 Conversations series for UNLV Townhall events spring 2021 and collaborated with UNLV Dance Department for Shoah Survivors Project and the Veterans Choreographic Collaboration (in development), both dance documentaries.