Headshot of Paul Schulte

Paul Schulte

Associate Professor
Department(s): Life Sciences
Office: WHI 308
Mail Code: 4004
Phone: 702-895-3300
Fax: 702-895-3956
Email: paul.schulte@unlv.edu


I am a plant physiologist interested in the transport of water through plants. Plants are dependent on water for survival and their ability to acquire water from the soil and transport it throughout the plant is determined by the hydraulic properties of the plant’s tissues. For example, I am interested in how the anatomical characteristics of the conducting cells determine the resistance to water flow through the tissues. I am particularly interested in computer modeling or mathematical approaches to studying transport processes.


Plant Physiology, Plant Water Relations, Biophysical & Mathematical Approaches to Water Transport


Ph.D. University of Washington, Seattle

Additional Information

WHI Lab Location: 253
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