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Oliver Tschauner

Research Professor
Department(s): Geoscience
Office: LFG 201B
Mail Code: 1040
Phone: 702-895-3137
Fax: 702-895-4064
Email: oliver.tschauner@unlv.edu


Crystallography, Solid State Science, Mineralogy, Synchrotron and X-Ray Diffraction

Additional Information

My research interests are in mineral physics and planetary science with emphasis on shock metamorphism in meteoritic and terrestrial rocks, and on physical properties of rock-forming minerals of the Earth's mantle. I study the effect of pressure-induced changes in bonding on the chemical properties of geomaterials. Such effects are expected to be key in understanding the evolution of the Earth, in particular in its early stages, and they also establish a fascinating example how fundamental effects on atomic level control large scale features in planetary bodies.