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Neeraj Bhandari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Public Health
GTW 311
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Dr. Bhandari is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Care Administration and Policy in the School of Public Health. Prior to his arrival at UNLV, Dr. Neeraj Bhandari completed his Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University and a postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine at Government Medical College Amritsar, India. Dr. Bhandari’s research interests span three broad areas.

The main focus of his work is the effect of information disclosure aimed at bridging information asymmetries between health care providers and consumers, with an overall goal of steering patients towards providers that offer higher quality services at lower cost. Dr. Bhandari’s dissertation focused on quantifying variation in efforts to disseminate such information to consumers and the potential impact of such variation on consumer awareness and use. His other areas of work include the impact of health care reform on patients’ access to health care and empirical evaluation of policies designed to align consumer behavior with emerging scientific evidence on health promoting lifestyles (healthy diet, exercise, sleep etc.).