Headshot of Micah Stohlmann, Ph.D.

Micah Stohlmann, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department(s): Teaching and Learning
Office: CEB 367
Mail Code: 3005
Phone: 702-895-0836
Email: micah.stohlmann@unlv.edu


Micah Stohlmann is an associate professor of mathematics/STEM education, currently teaching undergraduate mathematics methods and graduate mathematics education courses. Dr. Stohlmann earned his B.A. in mathematics education from Concordia University, his M.Ed. in mathematics education from the University of Minnesota, and his Ph.D. in mathematics education with a minor in educational psychology from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Stohlmann's research focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (steM) integration with an explicit focus on mathematics. There are three methods of integrated steM education: mathematical modeling, engineering design challenges, and technology game-based learning. Stohlmann develops and asesses curricular tools to help all students increase their STEM knowledge and while developing valuable 21st century competencies. His recent research has been published in School Science and Mathematics, Journal of Research in STEM Education, and Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12.

Research Expertise

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integration and mathematical modeling