headshot of Melanie Hortin

Melanie Hortin

Part-Time Instructor



Melanie Hortin received her Pilates Certification from Romana's Pilates in 2002. She was fortunate to have all her training and seminars taught by Level 1 instructor Juanita Lopez and to be tested by Romana Kryzanowska, a protege of Joseph Pilates, for her 600-hour exam. Hortin has taught pilates at several locations in the Chicago area such as Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Pilates inc, Pilates Practice Inc., Pilates Center of the North Shore, and most recently Pilates Center of Chicago. In addition to teaching in Chicago, Hortin was a guest instructor at the 2022 Snowy Range Dance Festival in Wyoming.

After earning her bachelor's degree in dance from SUNY Buffalo and getting her Pilates certification, Hortin began a very fulfilling 12-year career with River North Chicago Dance Company. She has worked with and performed works by top choreographers, such as Adam Barruch, Ruben y Sabrina Veliz, Frank Chaves, Harrison McEldowny, Kevin Iega Jeff, and Julia Rhodes. She has also had the pleasure of performing choreography by Sidra Bell, Danny Ezralow, Robert Battle, Randy Duncan, Laurie Stallings, and Sherry Zunker. Throughout her time with River North Chicago Dance Company, Hortin had the opportunity to tour nationally and internationally including Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Colombia, and Russia. Hortin credits her longevity and relatively injury-free career to her comprehensive Pilates certification and continued pilates practice.