Headshot of Matthew Petrie

Matthew Petrie

Assistant Professor
Department(s): Life Sciences
Office: SEB 4176
Mail Code: 4004
Phone: 702-895-5844
Fax: 702-895-3956
Email: matthew.petrie@unlv.edu


Broadly-trained in the physical and life sciences, Dr. Petrie explores how interactions of climate, vegetation ecology and hydrology influence ecological systems, specifically: 1) biophysical and ecohydrological processes; 2) climate variability and climate change; 3) terrestrial mass and energy exchanges; and 4) disturbances and community ecology. He is especially interested in integrating fine and coarse-scale information to develop new insight and to forecast future conditions.


Ecohydrology, climate dynamics, landscape ecology, vegetation ecology, mass and energy exchanges, forest regeneration


Dr. Petrie heads the UNLV Dryland Ecohydrology Lab. Research in the lab integrates multiple information types from long-term measurements, mechanistic models, remote sensing and field experiments to gain insight on ecohydrological mechanisms and to forecast future conditions. The goals of the lab’s research program are to better understand the dominant physical mechanisms shaping the dryland ecosystems supporting water resources in southern Nevada, to predict future conditions and responses across local and regional areas, and to enhance planning for the 21st century through better understanding of ecohydrological dynamics.

Additional Information

SEB Program Group: Arid Lands Soil-Plant-Water Stress Interactions