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MaryKay Orgill

Associate Professor, Chemical Education
Department(s): Chemistry
Office: CHE 116
Mail Code: 4003
Phone: 702-895-3580
Fax: 702-895-4072

Additional Information

I am interested in using qualitative research techniques to examine and improve undergraduate biochemistry and chemistry teaching and learning. Currently, this involves looking at how students understand concepts explained in chemistry classes, how they solve chemistry-related problems, how they visualize different chemical concepts, and how they use language to make sense of chemical concepts. I also am involved in a number of projects that provide professional development opportunities to faculty and K-12 teachers.


Chemistry Education, Biochemistry Education

Selected Research Topics

  • Researchers' views of self-assembly concepts
  • Biochemistry students’ perceptions of analogies
  • Biochemistry students’ perceptions of buffers and buffer problems
  • Pre-service science teachers’ views of inquiry and inquiry teaching
  • Using Concept Inventories to Assess Students’ Understanding in General Chemistry Classes
  • General chemistry students’ use of WebCT resources
  • Blind students’ visualizations of abstract chemistry concepts