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Liam Frink

Program Director, Office of Polar Programs, Geosciences Directorate, National Science Foundation; Professor of Anthropology

WRI-A 118


"Effective August 1, 2022, Liam Frink will be serving as a program director for the Office of Polar Programs, Geosciences Directorate at the National Science Foundation. While he maintains his employment with UNLV, he is not currently teaching any courses. He can be reached at

NSF’s Office of Polar Programs promotes creative and innovative scientific research, engineering, and education in and about the polar regions, catalyzing fundamental discovery and understanding of polar systems and their global interactions to inform the nation and advance the welfare of all people. OPP worked with its Advisory Committee to express in concise format its values in support of the NSF mission. OPP exists to provide access to the Polar Regions and to support research and education ranging from core discipline to systems levels. STEM engagement and workforce development (education & people) are integrated into our portfolio as we strive to carry out our responsibilities in a sustainable and collaborative fashion with wide range of partners. These include native Arctic communities, and Alaskan residents, and local, state, federal and international educational and research institutions and agencies.


Ph.D. : University of Wisconsin, Madison 2003

Research Interests

Indigenous-colonial/decolonizing studies; Indigenous food sovereignty/security; community-centered experimental technology studies; archival documents; Arctic and North America