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Krystal Kamekona-Mendoza, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor-in-Residence

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Krystal Kamekona-Mendoza received her Ph.D. in Psychological & Brain Sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. With an extensive background in numerical cognition, her research interests include understanding factors that impact student’s math performance by examining cognitive processes (i.e., attention, learning, memory) and individual differences in mathematics achievement, mathematics anxiety, educational expertise, and working memory. She is especially interested in using eye tracking and pupillometry to better understand the cognitive mechanisms involved in the problem-solving process.

Krystal has taught undergraduate psychology courses, including general psychology, cognitive psychology, and senior capstone in psychology. She fosters a learning environment of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in both her approach to teaching and mentoring, allowing students to think critically and creatively, while providing an accessible learning environment that maximizes student engagement.