Headshot of Kimberly Fedele-Kaye

Kimberly Fedele-Kaye

Part-Time Instructor



Kimberly Fedele-Kaye started her formal dance training at Trinity Conservatory of Performing Arts at the age of fifteen where she intensely trained in the classical styles of ballet and modern dance. Despite starting dance later in life, she went on to pursue a career in dance. She started at the College of Southern Nevada where she was heavily involved in the dance program for almost two years before transferring to the University of Nevada, Las-Vegas where she received her BFA degree in dance performance and choreography. It was during her collegiate years that Kimberly discovered her passion for addressing the mental health challenges prevalent in the dance community.

Motivated by this realization, she dedicated herself to making a positive impact on her local dance community, ultimately leading her to envision and establish her own dance company. Elemental Dance Company’s goal is to help change the perspective on mental health in not just dance but in the athletics world, as well as creating a safe place for artists to express themselves freely. Her goal is to create a culture where being spiritual, mentally, and physically fit is a new norm. While being the artistic director of Elemental Dance Company she is also part of the UNLV Dance Department’s part time faculty at both the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the College of Southern Nevada.