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Kate Lawhorn

Director of Project FOCUS and Rebel Upward

Early Childhood, Multilingual, and Special Education
CEB 115
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Kate Lawhorn has worked with exceptional students for over ten years. She moved to Las Vegas in 2013 as part of the Teach for America program and worked as a middle school classroom teacher for seven years. During that time, she specialized in taking a strengths-based approach in creating individualized education programs for her students. She also used a growth mindset as a basis for her classroom structure. She graduated from UNLV in 2015 with her Masters degree in Special Education.

Kate spent three years working with Teach For America as a Manager, Teacher Leadership Development and a Director, Centered on Student Excellence. During this time, she focused on teacher development, working with Special Education teachers to hone their skills working with students to provide an equitable learning environment to all.

Kate currently serves as the Director of Project FOCUS. FOCUS students have shown incredible grit and determination in handling learning challenges, setting goals and navigating campus life. Kate looks forward to partnering with others on campus as well as members of the broader Las Vegas community to highlight the work of FOCUS students and staff members.