Simmons Jr

Joseph Simmons, Jr., M.A.

Visiting Lecturer

CEB 143
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Joseph Simmons, Jr. is a visiting lecturer and a third-year doctoral student. Joseph attended Lincoln University, a historically Black university in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he received his bachelor’s in social work with a minor in sociology. He also graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a master’s degree in educational leadership with an emphasis on higher education. Over the past 10+ years, he has worked in the K-12 system in traditional public and charter schools and at the community college and university level in higher education.

Simmons’s research focuses on African American students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, learning disabilities, and teacher education. More specifically, how students with emotional and behavioral disabilities and learning disabilities progress through the K-12 system, matriculate through higher education and become upstanding citizens in their communities. In addition, he is also interested in teaching educators who instruct students with disabilities is vital to the success of students diagnosed with disabilities. Ensuring that education professionals are equipped with the foundational knowledge to teach, educate and support students with disabilities, while remaining current on special education law, policy, procedure, and practice so that students and teachers can be successful in all educational environments.