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John Baur, Ph.D.

Associate Professor/Director of MBA & EMBA Programs

Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
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John Baur, Ph.D. is an associate professor of management within the Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology of the Lee Business School at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In his research, he explores various forms of leadership, uncovering the impact of leaders in unique or troubling contexts, as well as new ways to measure and interpret leadership. He also seeks to advance our understanding of personalities, conflict, and expertise in teams by examining how a bad apple or a bad barrel can spoil the bunch. In this way, there is a connection with his third area of research which focuses on deviance – both self-serving and pro-social. Specifically in understanding why employees engage in deviant behaviors to help others, especially when these actions often jeopardize their own careers. His work appears in scholarly journals that include The Leadership Quarterly, Human Resource Management Review, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Small Groups Research, Organizational Dynamics, Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, International Journal of Intercultural Reviews, Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, Practice, and Journal of Management History.

Baur is also the co-editor of Research in Personnel and Human Resource Management, frequently reviews for several management journals, and routinely presents his research at conferences such as Academy of Management, Southern Management Association, and INGRoup. He has recently won numerous awards for his research, teaching, and service.