Headshot of Jefferson W. Kinney, Ph.D.

Jefferson W. Kinney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: CBC-B 328
Mail Code: 5030
Phone: 702-895-4766
Email: jefferson.kinney@unlv.edu

Research Interests

Jeff Kinney's research area is behavioral neuroscience with an emphasis in two general areas; the neurobiology of learning & memory and the biological basis of several neurological/psychological disorders. Research projects in Dr. Kinney's laboratory focus on the cellular, molecular, and genetic mechanisms involved in various types of associative/spatial learning with particular emphasis on glutamate, GABA, and a few neuropeptides. Additional research projects focus on animal models of schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, and mood disorders. The investigation of these disorders incorporates transgenic models and identifying potential therapeutic targets. The laboratory utilizes psychopharmacological, behavioral genetic, and molecular biology techniques to address experimental questions. Dr. Kinney is open to working with graduate students on other related topics in behavioral neuroscience.

Dr. Kinney earned his Ph.D. in 2000 from Colorado State University. He then completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health, followed by being awarded the Helen Dorris fellowship in schizophrenia research in the Department of Neuropharmacology at The Scripps Research Institute.