Jacqueline's Picture

Jacqueline Killian, Ph.D., MHR, MSN, NPD-BC

Assistant Professor

BHS 463


With over 30 years of military service and nursing experience, Dr. Jackie Killian serves UNLV School of Nursing as an Assistant Professor.


Dr. Killian has experience in a variety of settings: neonatal intensive care, pediatric intensive care, family practice, flight medicine, disability case management, education and training as well as human subject research.

Classes Taught

Dr. Killian is currently teaching NUR 427 Nursing Leadership and Transition to Practice.

Education Background

Dr. Killian earned her bachelor’s in nursing from the University of Florida, a master’s in human relations from University of Oklahoma, a master’s in nursing education from Hampton University and her doctoral degree in nursing science from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Research or Scholarship

Dr. Killian has led grant-supported research focused on resilience, military nursing practice, social network analysis and collaborated on various military requirements driven research efforts regarding precision medicine, military identity, and COVID-19 surveillance testing of the workforce. Most recently her research has focused on investigating interventions to promote resilience, mental health and overall wellness.

Awards, recognitions, or group affiliations

Dr. Killian received the TriService Nursing Research Program's Active Duty Military Mentorship Award and retired on June 30, 2022 after 31 years of military service in the Army and Air Force Nurse Corps.