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Jaclyn Costello, MFA

Associate Professor in Residence

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Originally from Chicago, Jaclyn has studied within New York University, Aix en Provence France, and most recently - UNLV's International MFA Program. Shortly after completion of her graduate degree, Jaclyn was invited to teach in the Honors College, where she happily remains and was the first recipient of the Len Zane Excellence in Honors Teaching Award. In addition to teaching, Jaclyn also facilitates the Mindfulness in the Mountains meditation program for Honors College students. Her interests outside of academia include: spiritual guidance and shamanic ceremonies; reading anything transformative; exploring mountains, forests, islands, lakes, and an equally expansive melody of inner worlds; and writing. She has published a variety of short stories, poetry, and non-fiction and recently finished her first novel.

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Honors Courses taught:

  • HON 100 – Honors Rhetoric
  • HON 110 – World Thought and Experience I
  • HON 115 – World Thought and Experience II
  • HON 410 – Ways to Think, Ways to See
  • HON 410 – A Place of Transformation: The Desert in Literature
  • HON 410 – Persian Poetry: "The Imaginal Realm"  
  • HON 420 – The Art of Storytelling: From Page to Film
  • HON 430 – Poetry, World and Spiritual Thought
  • HON 430 – Creative Writing - Fiction & Poetry
  • HON 430 – The Fabulist, Surreal, & Innovative