Indranee Clarke

Indranee Clarke

Part-Time Instructor



Indranee Clarke is an award-winning choreographer who has performed in Europe, Asia, and throughout the U.S. Clarke has a master’s degree in dance, and has been recognized for outstanding teaching at UNLV, where she has taught since 1993. Clarke also has a Yoga Acharya (Master teacher) certification in classical Yoga through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. She’s researched, created course content, and taught lecture classes based on research in African American Dance, Dance Appreciation, Dance in Film and Intro to Dance. Her studio classes were primarily in Modern Dance (Horton/Ballet/Dunham/Yoga Blend of her own design) at all levels, also beginning and intermediate ballet technique, jazz technique and Yoga for Dancers.

Clarke has been awarded Gold and Silver medals (2016) and two Bronze medals (2017) from the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Tai Chi Chuan and is a teacher of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Additionally, she is a Yoga and Meditation instructor. Presently she is a certified Gyrotonic® teacher.

Over the years Clarke has taught studio classes in Las Vegas, Nevada for the City of Las Vegas, Clark County Parks and Recreation, Nevada Ballet Theatre, UNLV, and at Sivananda Ashram. She also has worked as a model, Voice-over Artist, and backup singer.

As a mixed-race woman, Black and East Indian, Clarke has spent much of her life uncovering ancestral understandings of the body and its relationship to the world. Her passion is to explore the use of the body as a vehicle for harnessing universal energy (Chi, Ki, Prana, The Force) for healing purposes, both individual and collective. She truly believes that dance can heal the world.