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Hong Lu, Ph.D.


Criminal Justice
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Hong Lu is professor of the Criminal Justice Department at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her areas of interest include comparative criminology, court and sentencing, the death penalty and sociology of law. She coauthored several academic books (Punishment by Cambridge University Press, 2005; China’s Death Penalty: History, Law and Contemporary Practices by Routledge, 2007; China’s Drug Practices and Policies by Ashgate, 2009), edited books on Jurisprudence (Renmin University Press, 2002) and China’s Death Penalty (Columbia University Press, 2015), and two special issues for Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice (2010) and Asian Journal of Criminology (2011). She also published dozens of journal articles, book chapters and encyclopedia entries in some of the top-tiered journals (Law and Society Review, British Journal of Criminology, China Quarterly, and Justice Quarterly). Professor Lu was a Senior Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore, and was a recipient of the Barrick Scholar Award for the Outstanding Faculty Researcher at UNLV.