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Gloria Carcoba Falomir

Faculty in Residence

Early Childhood, Multilingual, and Special Education
CEB 144
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Gloria Carcoba Falomir is a visiting assistant professor in the department of early childhood, multilingual, and special education. She worked in early childhood general education settings in Mexico City and Aguascalientes for four years before earning her master's and Ph.D. in special education from UNLV. During her doctoral program, she worked for four years as the project coordinator of a federally funded grant sponsored by the Office of English Language Acquisition in the U.S. Department of Education. She sought to improve emergent bilinguals' academic achievement by stimulating their academic language via sheltered content instruction. In addition, Dr. Carcoba Falomir worked as the Las Vegas coordinator of a federally funded grant, ROOTS Replication: A Systematic Replication of a Tier 2 Kindergarten Mathematics Intervention, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Oregon. Her interdisciplinary research includes the development of a valid and reliable survey to measure special and general education teachers’ beliefs and practices regarding the planning and implementation of mathematical discourse for diverse students in inclusive classrooms. Dr. Carcoba Falomir’s research interests focus on supporting the mathematics performance and achievement of students with mathematics learning disabilities and emergent bilinguals. She has presented her research at multiple international conferences, including American Educational Research Association, Council on Learning Disabilities, Nevada TESOL, and Council for Exceptional Children. In addition, Dr. Carcoba Falomir has published in different journals, such as Response to Writing, Intervention in School and Clinic, and CATESOL.