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Dmitri Shalin, Ph.D.

Professor; Center for Democratic Culture Director

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Dmitri N. Shalin has a doctoral degree from the Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Science (1973) and doctoral degree from Columbia University (1991). Dr. Shalin, former chair of sociology department, is professor of sociology and director of the UNLV Center for Democratic Culture. He is coordinator of Justice & Democracy Forum series; editor of the Social Health of Nevada Report; co-director of the International Biography Initiative and Erving Goffman Archives; assembler of Intercyberlibrary and Pragmacyberlibrary; organizer of international forums on Russian Art and Culture; and administrator of the MoodCounts Survey. His research interests and publications are in the areas of pragmatism, social theory, emotional intelligence, biocritical studies, democratic culture, and Russian society.

Recent Courses Taught

Current Research Projects

  • Center for Democratic Culture
    CDC promotes civic education through community-based programs and research on the historical experience of American democracy and its contemporary relevance at home and abroad.
  • International Biography Initiative
    IBI features interviews and autobiographical materials collected from scholars who participated in the intellectual movements spurred by the Nikita Khrushchev's liberalization campaign.
  • Erving Goffman Archives
    EGA collects critical studies and biographical materials about Erving Goffman and his era. This open-source project promotes the dramaturgical perspective and biographical methods of research.
  • Social Health of Nevada
    The SHN report tracks the leading indicators and compares quality of life in the Silver State and other regions of the country.