Headshot of David Dickens, Ph.D.

David Dickens, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology


David Dickens is the author of several books, including Las Vegas: The Social Production of an All-American City, and Postmodernism and Social Inquiry, which has also been translated into several languages, including Chinese and Korean. He is also the author of several dozen articles and book chapters, published in numerous journals, including  Sociological Perspectives, Cultural Studies, Symbolic Interaction, Studies in Symbolic Interaction, and the International Journal of Comparative Sociology. Dickens’ areas of specialization include critical and postmodern theory, qualitative methods, commodity  culture, and international development.

Recent Courses Taught

  • SOC 795 — Seminar on Interpretive Sociology
  • SOC 795 — Seminar on Critical Theory
  • SOC 701 — Logic of Social Inquiry
  • SOC 497/697 — Celebrity Culture
  • SOC 724 — Contemporary Sociological Theory

Current Research Projects

  • Authenticity in the Postmodern City
    This research focuses on the question of authenticity in postmodern urban areas by examining representations of Italian culture in Las Vegas. 
  • Critical Theory of Postmodernity
    Here he offers an updating and reconceptualization of aspects from the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Particular emphasis is placed on contemporary changes in political economy as well as the culture industry.