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Danielle Romero

Ph.D. Candidate



I am a PhD student focusing on archaeology of the southwestern United States. My primary research area is the Mimbres Mogollon where I investigate ceramic technology and style, and how those elements can be used to discuss identity and interaction. Additional research interests include identification of children in the archaeological record, public outreach, federal and state repatriation laws, and curation practices. Current projects include analyzing ceramics from various Mimbres sites, analyzing artifacts made by children/novices, and looking into the implication of jewelry/personal adornment differences. I received my Anthropology B.S. in 2010 from California State University, Pomona and my Anthropology M.A. from UNLV in 2014. I am the current lab manager for the Southwest Archaeology Lab. I have previously worked in CRM, as a state GIS archaeology database technician, and a Section 106 reviewer. I have been a part of survey and excavation projects in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, and Kansas.