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Danielle Roth-Johnson, Ph.D.

Professor-in-Residence; Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies
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Director of Gender & Sexuality Studies, Danielle Roth-Johnson received her doctoral degree from Stanford University and has taught at Penn State and the University of Texas-Arlington. Recipient of a UNLV Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award and a College of Liberal Arts Faculty-in-Residence Award for Excellence in Teaching, she has designed and taught a wide variety of courses not only for Gender & Sexuality Studies (including Feminist Theory, Gender, Sexuality & Religion, and Climate Justice), but also for Interdisciplinary Studies, the COLA First-year Seminar, French, and the Honors College as well. Beyond her primary function as a Faculty-in-Residence, she has also published on a wide variety of subjects such as bioethics, health, and the grassroots activism of reproductive and environmental justice groups. Originally trained in French literature, French feminist theory, and applied linguistics, she is currently working on a critical historical analysis of the theoretical works of Françoise d'Eaubonne, the French intellectual who coined the term ecofeminism.