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Cyndy Anang

Visiting Assistant Professor

CEB 143
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Cyndy Anang is a visiting assistant professor for the Department of Early Childhood, Multilingual, and Special Education. She graduated with her Ph.D. in special education. Her primary research focuses on inclusive early childhood education, and her dissertation focuses on using activity-based interventions to increase one-to-one correspondence math skills for children with developmental delays in inclusive Pre-K classrooms. Her first experience working with children with disabilities from birth to five years old in an inclusive setting was at the UNLV/CSUN preschool. She started as a student worker supporting head teachers and eventually became a head teacher. Cyndy has also worked at Tanaka Elementary school as the Pre-K inclusion teacher for children with and without disabilities between the ages of three and five. As a graduate student, she mainly worked with her advisor Jenna Weglarz-Ward on conducting research. Their research projects have included systematic reviews on visual supports for children with autism and activity-based interventions for children with disabilities, professional development for early childhood educators in supporting families with children with disabilities in urban contexts, and content analysis of family practices in educator licensure.