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Christine Clark, Ed.D

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Teaching and Learning
CEB 354
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Christine Clark is a community worker, activist, teacher/educator, and participatory action-informed researcher. She works with families and youth in community, educational, and health-/healing-focused spaces. She teaches adults in the area of critical multicultural education (broadly defined) in formal and informal educational settings.

In communities, Christine has worked with youth and families who experience colonial violence in schools and communities to engage/re-engage with them through restorative praxes. As an activist, she has worked, largely through white solidarity groups, with Black and Indigenous Peoples, and other People of Color impacted by U.S. imperialism locally, in other occupier nations, and in the Global South to augment freedom/end oppression. Working in/through only public community and state colleges and research universities, she has independently and collaboratively established and facilitated courses, programs, and projects dedicated to: deschooling/abolishing white supremacy in education; building critical antiracist/anti-Black racism consciousness and pedagogical practices in teachers, teaching, and teacher education; expanding educator engagement with Indigenous approaches to inquiry and change; amplifying Ethnic Studies-informed critical multicultural curriculum development and transformation; and dismantling the school-to-prison industrial complex.

The roots and wings of Christine’s work are grounded in racially diversifying the teaching profession and the professoriate through social justice-informed recruitment, preparation, mentorship, retention, and graduation of PK-20+ scholar-practitioner-activists from historically and persistently marginalized and minoritized communities.

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