Headshot of Carter Martin

Carter Martin, M.F.A.

Visiting Assistant Professor

FDH 460
702 895-3547


Carter Martin is a storyteller, musician and father with a diverse background in education, filmmaking, and charitable work.

Carter is an independent filmmaker who has created several short films over the years. His 30-minute dramatic film, "Preservation of the Song", received critical acclaim and was screened nationally and internationally. It garnered awards such as Critics Choice in the Chicago Reader, Best of the Festival at the Illinois Film Festival, and First Place in Narrative at the University of Oregon. Additionally, his short film "Spoiled" (2012) won Best Independent Short at the Kids First Film Festival in New Mexico, and "Strangers" (2011) placed third at the Indie Incubator Film Festival in Chicago. His work has been featured in various film festivals, including Filipino and Asian festivals with "Séance" (2008).

Carter has an extensive teaching background in film and digital media production. He became a member of the faculty at Columbia College Chicago's Film Department in 1992. He also served as faculty and Assistant Academic Director at the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg, Illinois, where he developed curriculum for Digital Media Production. Carter taught online courses at Rasmussen College and Laurus College, developing curriculum at both institutions. He recently joined the Film Department at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Carter is actively involved in charitable activities, particularly in the Philippines. He has traveled often to work with orphanages in Manila and Dipolog City, demonstrating his commitment to helping those in need. In Las Vegas, he contributed to Bridge Counseling by producing, shooting, and editing videos that assisted them in securing grants totaling over $500K.

Carter has dedicated his time and efforts to support LGBTQ+ youth. He served as a board member of the Bright Star Foundation, an organization focused on helping homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Carter also chaired IFCON (International Friendship Convention) in Las Vegas on Labor Day 2023, where he introduced a charity component. IFCON raised twelve thousand dollars for the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth.

Carter Martin's career reflects his passion for filmmaking, education, and making a positive impact through charitable work and advocacy. His work in both the film industry and the community demonstrates his dedication to creative expression and social causes.