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Abigail Aguilar

Assistant Faculty In Residence
Department(s): Philosophy
Office: CDC-04 430
Mail Code: 5028
Phone: 702-895-4334


Abigail Aguilar, Ph.D. has taught at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas since 2002, in both the philosophy and political science departments, and since 2014 as full-time in the philosophy department as an assistant faculty-in-residence. Her teaching and research focuses on the application of ethical and political theories, with an emphasis on ancient philosophy, especially Aristotle, as well as the British Enlightenment and early American politics.

In addition to teaching courses on ethical and political theory, Aguilar also teaches professional ethics for students in engineering, the sciences, environmental studies, and the ROTC. She received a B.A. from Cleveland State University (a double major in philosophy and classical studies), as well as an M.A. and a Ph.D. (Philosophy) from Ohio State University.

Research Area(s)

  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Ethical and Political Theories
  • Applied Ethics and Politics