Dr. [Faculty Name]


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dear Dr. [Faculty Name],

Thank you for considering serving as the Graduate College Representative (GCR) of [Mx. Student Full Name], a graduate student in the School of Life Sciences (SoLS). We identified you as a potential GCR because of your expertise in a field related to research interests of [Mx. Student Last Name].

We would like to take this opportunity to outline the role that SoLS envisions for the GCR serving on our students’ committees. Our expectations conform to the role of GCRs outlined by the Graduate College to ensure due process and academic rigor on student committees throughout the University. Nevertheless, SoLS slightly expanded the minimum requirements of the GCR to enhance the educational experience of our students. In addition to serving as an external observer, your experience and knowledge allow you to make an important contribution to the academic maturation of [Mx. Student Last Name]. Accordingly, SoLS anticipates that you will be an active member of their committee by participating in the following activities.

  • Annual Advisory Committee Meeting. SoLS students are required to have one annual meeting with their Advisory Committee. We expect the GCR to attend these meetings and play a role in designing the program of study and research plan of the student.
  • Comprehensive Examination. The GCR is expected to attend the oral Comprehensive Examination of Ph.D. students. The degree of participation by the GCR in the exam may vary depending on your area of expertise. Minimally, the GCR will ensure the rigor and fairness of the examination.
  • Thesis or Dissertation Defense. As stipulated by the Graduate College, the GCR must attend the student’s public seminar and private oral defense of the thesis or dissertation. As in the case of the Comprehensive Examination, the degree of participation by the GCR in the oral defense may vary according to your area of expertise.

We hope that you accept our invitation to serve as GCR, and by implication to help guide the intellectual development of [Mx. Student Last Name]. Faculty members have numerous demands on their time, and we appreciate your willingness to serve on an Advisory Committee and provide your scholarly input.