Minor in Art History

The Art History minor, which is open to students in all areas of study, is particularly popular among humanities majors who take the three-­?course surveys plus four additional upper division electives in art history typically to deepen their humanities area of study; it is equally among studio art majors for whom it means only two additional art history electives added to their studio major.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify major works of art from the time periods and cultures represented in courses taken this semester.
  • Articulate the formal elements (e.g. line, color, composition, perspective, etc.) of works of art.
  • Identify differences and similarities between works of art from the same or different historical moments.
  • Apply theoretical concepts to works of art.
  • Learn more about an historical period through studying works of art and artists from that period.
  • Knowledgeably discuss art historical styles and movements.
  • Articulate and respond to unfamiliar works of art based on skills developed studying known works.
  • Be prepared to undertake postgraduate academic study, museum internships, or other job opportunities in the visual arts.


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