Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art; Concentration in Sculptural Practices

The Department of Art offers its students an education in the visual arts as an integral part of a comprehensive educational experience. Our degree programs offer intense, professional education in the aesthetics and theories of the visual arts. Additionally, students will be trained in the skill and intellectual awareness that are the basis for a future of creative and professional achievement in the visual arts.

At UNLV the BFA is an additional year of study during which time students have an opportunity to focus more intensively on developing their skills and creativity. Admission to the BFA program is by portfolio review.

Sculptural Practices Concentration

Students in the BFA degree program at UNLV, who concentrate on sculptural practices, advance their understanding of materials, process and content, leading to the creation of a sustainable studio practice. Studio experimentation and risk taking are encouraged while an awareness of the professional field and how he or she fits into the historical and contemporary trends in sculpture is considered and defined. Students leave the program with an advanced portfolio and practice that can help them develop an art career after college, employment or potential graduate study.

For information regarding accreditation at UNLV, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.


Learning Objectives

Students graduating with a BFA in Art and a concentration in Sculpture

  • Will have the confidence and ability to manipulate new and existing materials with various methods and conceptual approaches to create works of art.
  • This confidence is gained through working with wood, metal, plaster and other media with hands-­‐on experience and a wide range of hand and power tools.
  • In critique, students develop skills to examine, discuss and improve their work and the work of their peers.
  • Advanced assignments introduce kinetic, interactive and public-­‐based artwork and their unique demands, expanding the notions of what and where sculpture can be.
  • Through projects and individual exploration, training in the wood and metal shops and the development of creative problem solving, their skills sharpen and become applicable to their artwork as well as practical applications.

Career Possibilities

BFA degree at UNLV Department of Art prepares students for careers in the arts and the workplace. If they concentrate is Sculptural practices their conceptual and practical skills provide them opportunities in careers such as but not limited to; gallery, museum and commission based artist, museum or gallery exhibit preparator, custom fabricator, art fabricator, wood or metal shop employee, artist’s studio assistant, the fields of carpentry, welding and more. In addition, the BFA degree also prepares students with a portfolio to apply to Masters and MFA programs, leading to more career options in academics and professional practice.


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