The Pediatric Dentistry Post-Graduate Program is a continuous, 24-month program, based upon the fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th. The program provides a full range of clinical experiences in pediatric oral health care, which is supported by an in-depth, critical and scholarly appraisal of the pediatric dental specialty knowledge base.

The residents are exposed to extensive clinical opportunities in all phases of behavior management, conscious sedation, hospital/surgery center pediatric oral rehabilitation dentistry, management of patients with special needs, management of dentoalveolar and circumoral trauma, as well as, orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning, and provision of age appropriate, orthodontic therapy. Residents participate in scholarly research, pediatric and emergency medicine rotations, community service, and rotations to multi-disciplinary, off-site clinics. The resident’s total program time equates to:

  • 65% Clinical
  • 25% Didactics
  • 5% Research
  • 5% Teaching

Our affiliated hospital, The University Medical Center (UMC), provides the Level I, Children's Trauma Center at The Children's Hospital of Nevada, and associated pediatric rotational clinics.

UNLV Special Needs Clinic

The UNLV Special Needs Clinic provides oral healthcare needs for children with special needs. Children, and occasionally adults, with a range of developmental, medical and behavioral needs receive both preventative and restorative treatment in a child-friendly environment.

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For information regarding accreditation at UNLV, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Admit a diverse resident class of high academic achievers and who are highly, clinically, qualified.
  • Provide an evidence-based integrated curriculum comprised of biomedical and clinical sciences, as well as, other professional studies.
  • Develop residents with outstanding diagnostic and clinical skills to allow quality pediatric oral health care and community service.
  • Prepare graduates for American Board of Pediatric Dentistry certification, scholarly activities, educational endeavors, research and leadership roles.
  • Cultivate excellence among pediatric dental faculty in the areas of teaching, scholarly activities, research and community service.
  • Promote the importance of medical and dental, interdisciplinary cooperation, in order to provide the best pediatric oral health care, achievable.
  • Provide care to the many underserved children, in the State of Nevada.
  • Provide the environment and background to develop and maintain the highest ethics and professional behavior, as a representative of the dental profession and more specifically, pediatric dentistry.

Career Possibilities

Pediatric Dentistry

University 6-digit OPEID: 002569
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC): 29-1029.00
Tuition & Fees: $32,341 per year
Time Completion Rate: 24 months
On-time Graduation Rate: 100%


Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry


School of Dental Medicine

As the only accredited dental school in Nevada, the School of Dental medicine provides world-class oral health education while providing for the dental needs of Nevada residents. With eight academic degree and advanced education certificate programs, students obtain the necessary skills to provide oral healthcare services to the community and make significant impacts to the field.