Housed in the Department of Educational Psychology, Leadership and Higher Education, the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Mixed Methods Research (MMR) is intended for researchers and practitioners in education and across social science fields to understand mixed methods approaches and become able to successfully conduct MMR in their respective fields. This certificate is well-suited for current and future doctoral students seeking to enhance their professional skills and training.


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this certificate, participants will be able to understand, describe and demonstrate:

  • Research ethics and the responsible conduct of research.
  • The importance of theory in conducting equitable mixed methods research.
  • The language and notation used in mixed methods research.
  • The procedures involved with choosing a mixed methods design.
  • Under what conditions quantitative and qualitative data should be collected.
  • The conceptualization and operationalization of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research.
  • Ways to analyze qualitative and quantitative data for mixed methods research projects.
  • Ways to disseminate qualitative and quantitative data in mixed methods research.
  • Successful writing strategies and ways to visually display mixed methods data in various settings.
  • Criteria that should be considered when evaluating the quality and rigor of mixed methods research.


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Advanced Graduate Certificate in Mixed Methods Research

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