The Cybersecurity Certificate is designed to address the growing challenges of cybersecurity within private and public organizations, and the recent significant increase in job demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Students will learn the foundations of cybersecurity, risk assessments, and threat response techniques. The program prepares students for cybersecurity situational awareness, so that they are ready to respond to a variety of cyber attacks encountered in data driven workplaces. The knowledge and skills gained in this program are intended to be applied to interdisciplinary business practices with high regulatory frameworks. They are also relevant to small businesses whose operations may still be drastically impacted by cyber attacks.

Four online courses and one on-site lab are required for the program. The lab involves an impactful and informative weeklong session in Las Vegas, where students will attend either the Black Hat or Def Con conferences during the summer. These are 2 of the largest hacker and information security conferences in the world, and provide students with a fascinating opportunity to acquire state of the art information from industry professionals, to complement their coursework.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Graduate Certificate Emergency Management Cybersecurity Program outcomes Support the principles of digital intellectual property, online privacy, software copyright and cyber law.
  • Interpret the issues of jurisdiction and the sovereignty of the internet by considering how technology affects the power of regulatory tools.
  • Critique the fundamentals of cyber security for large enterprises.
  • Evaluate cyber threats, OS structure, and attacks.
  • Assess the methodology and tools to counter cyber-attacks.
  • Evaluate the principles behind effective approaches for prevention, planning, risk, mitigation, response, and recovery strategies.
  • Interpret the major elements of technical and operational disasters by learning to implement emergency strategies that reduce vulnerabilities.
  • Analyze the appropriate ways to convey technical operations through verbal and written communication to support organizational operations.
  • Implement and understand control framework, policy and emergency crisis through theoretical analysis.


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Graduate Certificate in Emergency Crisis Management Cybersecurity


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