Registered nurses who have completed a Ph.D. or other research-focused doctorate and meet the admission qualifications may take courses leading to a Biobehavioral Nursing post doctorate certificate.

The Certificate in Biobehavioral Nursing will provide students with a foundation in biobehavioral research approaches and team science. Courses will prepare students for research using biological, behavioral, and associated factors which influence health and illness. The knowledge and skills gained in this program may facilitate success in interdisciplinary research and future grant funding. Courses are taken online with the exception of a laboratory immersion experience, which requires a two-week intensive in the summer.


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Learning Outcomes

  1. Adapt the core components of team science into the development of an interdisciplinary research plan
  2. Evaluate the common methodologies for genomics, proteomics, and behaviors used in biobehavioral nursing research
  3. Demonstrate (through course assignments) an understanding of theoretical models and basic concepts used in biobehavioral nursing research
  4. Examine the common biological pathways and biomarkers associated with a human disease and symptoms related to the student’s phenomenon of interest
  5. Identify the common biological pathways and biomarkers that are associated with the student’s phenomenon of interest
  6. Generate a set of reliable and valid biological data.
  7. Develop protocols for the use of laboratory assays to generate a reliable and valid set of biological data

Career Possibilities

This certificate is designed for the graduate nursing scholar who is seeking formal education and training in the core area of biobehavioral nursing science. Potential career possibilities include academic and research roles at universities, governmental agencies and other health care institutions. These skills will be particularly important for future funding sources.


Graduates are expected to function collaboratively and independently as a nurse scholar and scientist in diverse education and research locations, such as academic institutions, hospitals, and health care agencies, requiring a biobehavioral focus.


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Advanced Graduate Certificate in Biobehavioral Nursing (Post Doctoral)

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