Death Row in Nevada

The number of people on death rows across the United States has decreased over the last two decades. For example, in 1999, there were 3,625 prisoners awaiting an execution compared to 2,673 individuals in 2019 (NAACP, 1999-2019). Nevada currently houses 74 death row prisoners (NAACP, 2019). This Stat Sheet presents demographic information on these prisoners, along with current developments in the state.

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Examining Prisoner Deaths in Nevada State Prisons

Every year, the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) is responsible for approximately 14,000 incarcerated adults (NDOC, 2019). While national trends in prisoner deaths have been studied, less is known about prisoner deaths in Nevada. This report provides general information regarding prisoner deaths in Nevada state prisons.

Prisoner Reentry in Nevada: Final Report on the Hope for Prisoners Program

This Research in Brief describes an evaluation of prisoner reentry in Nevada. The evaluation focuses on the Hope for Prisoners program, a reentry initiative based in Clark County that services approximately 300 ex-offenders a year. In this publication, we discuss the Hope for Prisoners reentry program, the data that were gathered for the analyses, and the results of the evaluation.

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Nevada's Day Reporting Center: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

Day reporting centers (DRCs) are becoming a popular alternative to incarceration for probationers and parolees but there is limited research and consensus on their effectiveness. The current study evaluated the effectiveness of a DRC in Nevada. In this Research in Brief, we provide a background on DRCs, review prior research evaluating the effectiveness of DRCs, and report the results of a randomized controlled trial (RCT) conducted to assess the effectiveness of a DRC located in Southern Nevada.

Incarceration Costs in Nevada 2010-2015

Nevada’s total prison expenditure for 2015 was about $244 million. When adjusted by the population of nearly 2.9 million residents, it cost about $85 per state resident to fund Nevada’s prison system. Compared to other states, Nevada’s per capita expenditure ranks the 7th lowest among the 45 states with available data.

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Regulation of the Gaming Industry Across Time and Place

Gambling has proliferated in America since the late 1970s, when only two U.S. jurisdictions had legalized casino gaming and only a few states had lotteries. Today, 48 of 50 states have legalized gaming in some form; only Hawaii and Utah continue to completely prohibit it. In this brief, I examine how the state and its agents manage balancing the social benefits and social costs associated with gaming legalization.

The Gun Control Debate and Public Opinion

This Policy Brief examines public perceptions about gun restrictions and increased criminal penalties for crimes committed with firearms. It compares these public attitudes among samples of Nevada and US residents, identifies sources of variation in these views, and summarizes the arguments that underlie these alternative views about gun control policy and practice.

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Police Funding: Public Opinion and Policies

This policy brief seeks to examine this debate by first providing an overview of police agencies and their budgets in the United States. Results of national surveys that examine public opinion on various police reforms, including the reduction of department budgets, are then presented. Finally, implications for police funding and public policy are discussed.