Mar. 15, 2023

Workday has upgraded several features to maximize the user experience. The changes took effect on March 13 and include the following:

My Tasks - Advanced Search

The My Tasks search capabilities now allow users to automatically search and categorize tasks using additional parameters, including the options to search by task type, task step, and date range.

  • Task type pre-populates with items currently available in the inbox, but other items can be manually searched by typing text in the task type field 
  • Only one task type can be searched within advanced search, and task step options are dependent on the selected task type 

  • Only one task step can be selected for your search. If the task step is left empty, all step results will appear 

My Tasks - Saved Search 

Users can now save searches. When conducting a search based on a text filter or advanced search, users can save the search parameters to find important tasks more quickly. The saved searches tab on the navigation panel enables users to easily access, manage, and edit saved searches. To save a search:

  • Select search parameters

  • Click the save button above the search results

Create Receipt Task - Document Number Prompt 

Workday added a new document number prompt to the Create Receipt task under Purchases. The prompt enables users to select all eligible receivable documents in a single prompt and replaces the purchase order and supplier contract prompts. For easier selection, the prompt displays supplier names beside document numbers. To execute this process:

  • Navigate to the Apps tab under Menu

  • Select the Purchases application. If Purchases does not appear on your Menu list, select the Add Apps button at the bottom of the page to add it to your Menu list

  • Select Create Receipt under Actions

  • Enter the document number

The new prompt includes subcategories that allow users to quickly select from recent documents or documents due: 

  • On the current date

  • This week

Due dates are determined by purchase order due dates and the suggested documents displayed beneath the new prompt include documents that are due on the current date with a maximum of six documents that are due. 

Create Receipt Task - Edit Existing Draft Receipt 

The alert message that informed users a purchase order (PO) receipt already existed has been replaced with an Edit Existing Draft Receipt field on the Create Receipt task page. This new checkbox field notifies users that a PO receipt already exists and must be checked to edit it. To access this new feature:

  • Select Create Receipt under Actions

  • Enter the Document Number

  • Check Edit Existing Draft Receipt 

Browse Jobs Report 

Under the Jobs Hub app, Workday replaced the Find Jobs field with a Browse Jobs field, allowing users a more convenient way to quickly search for career opportunities and easily view job posting details. To view the Jobs Report:

  • Navigate to the Jobs Hubs app under Menu

  • If the Jobs Hub app does not appear under your Menu list, select the Add Apps button at the bottom of the page and add it to your Menu list

  • Select Browse Jobs

For more information about these and more Workday updates, email