Adam Schroeder at UNLV
Adam Schroeder And Mark Masters Pay Tribute To Clark Terry On CT!  Big Band Takes On Fresh Arrangements Of 13 Terry Originals
Jan. 12, 2024

Adam Schroeder's new release for Capri Records comes out officially on all streaming platforms on Jan. 19, 2024, and is also available on CD and LP. His first two albums on the label remained in the top 10 radio airplay for multiple weeks in a row, and both were chosen as the top 100 records of the year for each of their respective years. 

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Baritone saxophonist and bandleader Adam Schroeder teams up with arranger Mark Masters to  deliver a tasty baker's dozen tunes in the Basie/Ellington/Strayhorn style, all composed by renowned  trumpeter Clark Terry. Schroeder conceived of the recording as a celebration of Terry's 100th birthday. That plan was delayed by the  pandemic but eventually realized a few years later. Schroeder's motivations for the record were heartfelt. 

"I wanted to celebrate what Clark gave to me and so many others around the globe for decades – musically,  educationally, and as a mentor," said Schroeder. "He was so giving, while at the same time demanding the  utmost respect for the music and its process, and thus demanding that the players and listeners be present  and collaborative." 

That collaborative spirit and commitment to the music is evident throughout CT!, from the exhilarating solos  to what Masters refers to as the "sound of surprise" of the band as a unit. 

"This style of music and this type of record are becoming more and more infrequent," said Masters, "so it's  always a joy when great musicians come together to make music, and it only becomes music when they bring  the music to life." 

Schroeder's powerful bari sax gets a lot of space to shine (check out "Groundhog" for a particularly fine  example), but so do the other band members, from the trading trio of saxophonists Kirsten Edkins and Bob  Sheppard and trombonist Ido Meshulam on the swinging "Ode To Pres," to trumpeter Aaron Janik on the sumptuous "Michelle." Every tune is elevated by the sensitive drumming of elder statesman Peter Erskine.  And the band as a many-headed whole shines throughout.  

"Mark always writes in such a way that each person is individually challenged and thus challenged within the  context of the ensemble as well," said Schroeder, "and that is what brings his arrangements to life. As Mark  and I talked about who would solo on which tunes, I smiled, imagining that person's voice being spotlighted. I  knew exactly who would be featured on which chart as soon as we had the musicians lined up. It was  absolutely amazing to be in the room with them all." 

According to Schroeder, everyone in the band had a story about Clark Terry, many of which they shared at the  recording session. 

"When you really get down to it," Schroeder said, "the community is so small, loving, generous and  inspirational that you forget how vast the musical world is and how connected we all are through the music.  CT loved the music and being generous, and to see his imprint on each person there over those few days – I  will honestly never forget it. It was awe-inspiring." 

The proof is in the playing, and CT! is full of the kinds of moments that Terry himself would have appreciated,  created by a band full of people with a clear connection to the history of the music, to its future, and to one  another.  

Baritone saxophonist Adam Schroeder has established his influence as a major voice and force within the  global jazz community, becoming the first call for a multitude of musical situations in addition to his dedication  and devotion towards extensive educational outreach. Holding a BM in Jazz Studies from Texas State  University, San Marcos and a MM in Jazz Studies from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, California State  University, Long Beach, Schroeder presently serves as an Associate Professor of Jazz & Commercial Music at  the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and was just awarded the University’s “Charles Vanda Award for  Excellence in the Arts” (2022). He's a prolific studio musician with many album, television, and film credits. 

Mark Masters is an inventive and prolific composer and arranger from southern California. He organized his  first ensemble in 1982. His work has appeared on more than a dozen albums, under his own name and for  other bandleaders. Masters has written and arranged music for recordings featuring Billy Harper, Jimmy  Knepper, Andrew Cyrille, Oliver Lake, Mark Turner, Tim Hagans, Grachan Moncur III, Peter Erskine, and many  others. From 1999 through 2006, Masters was a guest lecturer at Claremont McKenna College. He's been  named a Rising Star: Arranger in the DownBeat Critics Poll.