Adobe Firefly ai creation of exterior architecture of the library of the future
Aug. 3, 2023

UNLV Professor Steffen Lehmann just published a new peer-reviewed article on the design of public libraries in the journal Public Library Quarterly.

“Reimagining the Library of the Future. From Social Condenser and Community Hub to Regenerative Design”, Public Library Quarterly, Vol. 42 (August 2023), Taylor & Francis, London/New York. 

This new research identifies various models of public library buildings and trends that have recently emerged. The primary objective of this article, an architectural forecasting piece written by a design expert, is to investigate the various models of public library buildings and explore the continuous evolution of library design, presenting valuable information for anyone planning a new library. The main question explored in this article is: What will be the design characteristics of the next-generation library? Methods used include precedent analysis, cases selected from an international list of 50 libraries built from 2000 to 2023, and analyzing of these cases for repeated thematic similarities. Three similarities are identified.  


Full article: