Mar. 28, 2024

Dear University Community,

Later today, in accordance with state public records law, UNLV will release redacted audio and video from the Dec. 6 shooting on our campus. The information will include audio from calls to University Police Services (UPD) dispatch, officer body camera video, and exterior security camera footage related to the law enforcement response.

The release of these materials is required by state law and is the result of requests made to our institution by members of the media. Such requests are not uncommon in these situations, and we expect media coverage for a few days.

I know that ongoing media coverage of the incident and its aftermath can be traumatic for members of our university community. It is during these times that I encourage everyone to please utilize available counseling, mental health, and wellness services, which can be found on our UNLV Strong website. Please also consider checking in on a friend or colleague to see how they’re doing.

While moments like these are incredibly difficult and serve as a painful reminder of the darkest day in the history of our university, the audio and video also reinforce the immediate and heroic actions of UPD officers, Metro, and first responders during and immediately following the tragedy.

We continue to mourn for our three faculty members whose lives were taken. We remain in contact with their families and the faculty member who was wounded and is still recovering. Through all the pain, I’m heartened by the belief that our brave first responders prevented additional loss of life, and for that I will be forever grateful. I’m also again reminded of the care and concern that our faculty and staff had for our students during the tense moments following the incident, and for the kindness that students showed toward one another as we all sheltered in place and eventually exited campus buildings. And I am thankful for the outpouring of love and support from throughout Southern Nevada, the state, and beyond.

The Rebel Recovery process certainly isn’t easy, but it is guided by our values of compassion and inclusivity and driven by the notion that the safety, security, and well-being of the UNLV family – our employees and students – are our priority. Thank you to all for the role you are playing in this recovery process. We are getting there, together, as a community, and it is because of you that we remain UNLV Strong.

Warm Regards,
President Keith E. Whitfield, Ph.D.