Picture of Anita Abramyan
Apr. 30, 2024

She received her Bachelor’s degree from UNLV and moved to New York where she studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Internships with designers like Badgley Mischka and Ralph Lauren inspired her to start her own apparel brand called Cerov.

She became immersed in product development, particularly in the realm of apparel design, and realized that running a business demanded a deeper level of comprehension. Recognizing this, she made the decision to return to UNLV to pursue a Master's in Business.

Following graduation, she advanced through various marketing positions in Las Vegas, ultimately taking the reins as the Head of Growth at a remote marketing agency. In the span of her career, she has been a part of the marketing operations for over 20 businesses, from start-ups to publicly-traded enterprises.

In 2022, she founded Abramyan Marketing Group (AMG), a comprehensive digital marketing agency to alleviate the marketing burdens faced by some business owners by helping e-commerce and B2B enterprises expand their online presence through performance-driven and growth-oriented marketing strategies.

What is the best advice you received regarding achieving success?

I live by this quote (paraphrased below) – it perfectly summarizes how I feel about pursuing success.

“Shift your focus away from what you want (a billion dollars) and get deeply, intensely curious about what the world wants and needs. Ask yourself what you can offer that no computer, or human can do better than you. Then develop that potential. Choose one thing and become a master of it. Choose a second thing and become a master of that. When you become a master of two worlds, (say engineering and business) you can bring them together in a way that changes your life.” Jennifer Justine Musk

What does UNLV mean to you?

I have a meaningful connection to UNLV and hold much gratitude for the school. As a Las Vegas resident, graduating from UNLV feels like the ultimate rite of passage that bonds you to the heart of the city.  It’s a place that has given me many opportunities and has vastly broadened my scope. UNLV’s approach to education is not to intimidate but rather to welcome individuals to their community. Instructors evolve into friends and the campus itself is a source of inspiration and pride.

What has been the biggest change from your time in academia compared to your time now in the work field?

Both are so different; I wouldn’t compare the two. Education hones critical thinking and pushes individuals beyond their comfort zones, encouraging them to explore unfamiliar topics and engage in intellectual debates with peers with differing ideas. It helps expand the mind. On the other hand, professional environments typically focus on mastering specific skill sets and often offer less room for exploration outside one's designated role. They’re equally important for career development.

If you had the chance to do things differently, would you? And how so?

I would go back to take more risks and place more trust in my abilities earlier in my career. The key is to seize as many opportunities, as quickly as possible, to identify your strengths and commit to mastering that skillset. The process of mastery demands a significant investment of time, dedication and sacrifice, so expediting the exploration part earlier saves valuable time later. If I could go back, I would tell myself to believe in my abilities and to just go for it. There’s nothing to lose.