Lied Center Real Estate Expo
Mar. 20, 2024

The Lied Center for Real Estate

For those embarking on a journey in real estate, or have an interest in learning about it, the Lied Center for Real Estate presents an array of opportunities you might not yet be aware of. Here's a detailed overview of what this center offers and how you can engage:


The Lied Center for Real Estate, housed within the Lee Business School, is committed to advancing the real estate profession through education, research, and community outreach. Working closely with industry professionals, the center ensures students gain practical experience and emerge as competent professionals, poised for success in commercial real estate.

Programs, Activities, and Events:

Mentorship Program: Annually launched in the fall, the Mentorship Program provides students with invaluable insights into the commercial real estate market. Participation not only enriches knowledge but also enhances prospects for securing paid internships and full-time roles.

Real Estate Career Expo: Each year, the center hosts their Real Estate Career Expo, providing students with opportunities to network with industry professionals and companies, often leading to on-site interviews.

REBS (Real Estate & Business Society): Managed by students, REBS offers monthly meetings, property tours, and community service opportunities. With a robust membership exceeding 200, REBS serves as a vibrant community within the Lee Business School.

Resources and Support:

Led by Director Dr. Shawn J. McCoy and Associate Director Paul Chaffe, the center offers extensive academic and professional support. From academic advice to internship placements, students receive comprehensive assistance to thrive in their real estate endeavors.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

While primarily collaborating with commercial real estate companies, the center's partnerships with industry giants such as CBRE, Colliers,, DJT, Green Valley Grocery, Heller, RCG Economics, Schnitzer Properties, Cushman & Wakefield, & REBS sponsor, Ovation Development Corporation provide students with unparalleled growth opportunities.

Recent and Future Projects:

Presently, preparations are underway for the Annual Real Estate Career Expo and a special REBS meeting commemorating Women’s Month. Additionally, plans are in motion for a tour of Durango Station, offering students first hand exposure to commercial properties.

Get in Touch:

To take advantage of these opportunities, students are encouraged to reach out to Program Manager Tiffany Payne at Tiffany can provide information on joining REBS or staying updated on job and internship opportunities.

At the Lied Center for Real Estate, students are not merely shaping careers; they are shaping futures. Join the center today and chart your course for success in the dynamic realm of commercial real estate.