Apr. 19, 2024

If you missed our Spring 2024 Graduate Information Sessions, don't worry; you can catch up on all the valuable insights by visiting our YouTube playlist. These sessions provide essential information about our graduate program. 

Here's a recap of the sessions you can find:

1. Graduate Certificates, Lee Business School Offerings

  • Description: Unlock new opportunities with Lee Business School's Graduate Certificates! Explore specialized programs designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in key business areas. From business analytics to entrepreneurship and innovation and beyond, our Graduate Certificates provide a focused and efficient way to advance your expertise.
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2. Degrees in the Technology Side of Business

  • Description: Explore programs in Management Information Systems, Cybersecurity, and the Dual MBA/Master of Science in Management Information Systems.
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3. MBA Program Overview

  • Description: Unlock your career potential with the UNLV Lee Business School MBA programs! Dive into our comprehensive overview, exploring program structure, benefits, and unique features.
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4. Dual MBA and Professional Degrees (JD, DMD, and MD)

  • Description: Explore the power of Dual MBA programs paired with professional degrees like JD, DMD, and MD. Elevate your practice and unlock new possibilities for your career. 
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5. EMBA/MBA: What is the Difference?

  • Description: Understand the differences between our MBA and Executive MBA programs.
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6. DUAL MIS and Master of Hotel Administration

  • Description: Explore the synergy of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Master of Hotel Administration (HOA) in our dual degree program designed for professionals shaping the success of the hospitality industry.
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7. Master's in Economics: Where Data Science Meets Economic Analytics

  • Description: Did you know that you can get a Master’s degree in Economics in just one calendar year? Did you know this is a STEM degree that focuses on data analytics using modern causal and predictive econometric tools? Whether you're interested in a career in tech, finance, analytics, data science, consulting, public policy or just seeking to enhance your quantitative skills, all are welcome to the event to learn more about how a graduate degree in economics can broaden your career horizons and help you get a competitive edge in the job market.
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8. Mastering your MBA: Exploring Concentrations in Depth Overview

  • Description: Learn about our General MBA, which provides a well-rounded foundation, and delve into the specifics of our other concentrations: Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems, New Venture Management, Human Resource Management, and Health Care Management. Discover how each concentration can enhance your expertise and open doors to exciting career opportunities in these respective fields.
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9. Master's in Accounting: Becoming a CPA

  • Description: Discover the academic criteria needed to pursue CPA licensure in Nevada, and explore how UNLV can support your journey toward achieving this professional milestone. Explore how the Master's in Accounting program can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the academic requirements for CPA licensure in Nevada, while also offering opportunities for practical experience and professional development to help you succeed in your career goals.
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10. LEE Business Grad School 101

  • Description: Find out more about the graduate degree options that the Lee Business School offers at UNLV.
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11. Dual MBA and Master of Quantitative Finance

  • Description: Want to learn more about the Dual MBA and Master of Science in Quantitative Finance Program offered at UNLV? Learn about the unique opportunity that combines the strengths of both the MBA and MS Quantitative Finance (MSQF) programs to prepare you for a career at the intersection of business and finance. Discover how this dual-degree program can enhance your quantitative skills while equipping you with the strategic acumen needed for leadership roles in the financial world.
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For further details on our programs or if you have specific inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at LEEogss@unlv.edu.